Feedback from our Patients

The excellent intervention of Dr. Liza, has given an incredible results, which are visible immediately.
Olga Popova
Professionalism, quality, attitude, pleasant environment, everything you see in this clinic, are of highest level. It seems like you are the very person for this clinic- one the most important, and valuable. The results are very natural without adverse effects and complications. I am very satisfied and highly recommend the clinic to everyone. I wish I had chance to return there very frequently.
Yuliia Khmara
The clinic is amazing. The staff members are an expert of their work. Dr. Lisa has an ability to change our faces into an unbelievable way.
Liliya Golovina
Sincerely, I want to express my gratitude to Ms. Lisa Mkhitaryan for her great effort and quality of work. The procedure of the Botulinum Toxin, which I was recommended after my first consultation, was applied without any discomfort and adverse effects, such as bruises. It had been a long time I could not find a normal and appropriate specialist for my skin care. I was inspired by Mona Lisa and arranged my first visit for the consultation. Shortly after my visit - what a miracle!. I founded it, finally. I was certain about the experience of the medical staff. Thanks to this staff, the Botox procedure is not a problem. I tried it and I really remained satisfied. There is no makeup (mask) effect, although on the same time, mimic wrinkles have been disappeared from your face. Now, I smile freely; change the mimics of my face. Wrinkles and facial glabellar lines are effectively hidden. My face is fresh and natural. Certainly, the majority of these results are due to the professionalism of medical staff of the clinic, and the corrected application of the product. I am lucky that I met Dr. Lisa. It gained me millions of positive emotions. The Administrative staff plays its role also. Always very happy, and pleasant, they improve the working atmosphere. Thank you very much.
Snezhana Mahomedova
I was at the clinic of Mona Lisa in Barcelona and got out of there with a great contentment and very happy. The procedures they applied were highly recommended and applied exactly for my face, age and necessities. Thank you so much!
Ksu Efremova
It´s with great honor and pleasure I write this opinion, as I am also satisfied with the work of Dr. Lisa. I evaluate the whole process of the treatment. Doctoral staff shows a great deal of confidence. They are know-hows of their work. I also want to mention the work and behavior of the administrative staff. Like a group of impressionists, they enjoy their work and fill the clinic with colors, light, and positive mood.
Yulia Bartkovskaya
I was very satisfied with the skills and techniques of the work of Dr. Lisa. I faced no side effects as hematomas, and always witnessed natural results. The doctor works with a care and before applying any product represents it in detail and explains its treatment and effectiveness. Kind environment, internal atmosphere and design of the clinic also leave a positive impression on the visitors and patients.
Svetlana Pushkova