4D-laser facial rejuvenation at Mona Lisa Clinic

👩🏻‍⚕️Today we will talk about the innovative 4D facial rejuvenation method available at Mona Lisa Clinic in Barcelona.

👉🏻This treatment’s effectiveness is provided by its gradual action on the skin, muscles and adipose tissue.

👍🏻It’s comfortable, painless and suitable for patients of any age or gender.

👌🏻It comprises 4 steps that mutually complement each other, and 2 different types of lasers are used.

Step 1 – tissues lifting from inside.
The laser is applied from the oral cavity, activating the biological mechanism to
restructure and renew the collagen fibres improving the tissue tone. This is a safe and painless procedure.

Step 2 – the facial surface is treated with a different laser type to reach the middle skin layer. It regenerates the
dermis and works to eliminate spider veins.

Step 3 – the laser penetrates deep into the tissues without damaging the cells. The photothermal effect eliminates
undesired adipose tissue, allowing to correct sagging jowls, double chin and under-eye bags, as well as stimulates
collagen production.

Step 4 – laser resurfacing (cold peeling) to renew the skin cells. 2-3 days after this procedure your skin may become dry and slightly peel.

❗️Moisturizer and sunscreen SPF 50+ should be applied after the treatment.

Who can benefit from 4-D facial rejuvenation?

☝️Our previous post was dedicated to 4D-laser facial rejuvenation available at the Mona Lisa Clinic. Today we will
elaborate on its benefits and indications.
✅4-D rejuvenation is suitable for both men and women.
This treatment effectively corrects the age-specific changes (in patients aged 30-35 and older), photoaged skin,☀️
pigmented spots, dull skin tone,⚡️ superficial wrinkles. It is also efficient against loss of volume and facial contour, flaccid
skin and ptosis.


🌹better skin tone
🌹tighter skin
🌹reduces the pores, makes the skin smooth, firm and elastic
🌹deep lifting effect
🌹 improves the facial contour
🌹lifting effect in the nasolabial, cheeks and chin area.

❗️For best results, treatment should be repeated after 2-3 months.