7 questions you want to ask to the Aesthetic doctor

Answers are presented by the Head
of the medical department of the
clinic “Mona Lisa” – doctor Liza Mkhitaryan.

  1. Why some of the girls, who increase the volume of their lips have such an expulsive and unnatural result. Does it depend to the desire of the patient or it is the doctor´s fault?
    – Remodeling of the lips is very delicate theme. Harmonization of the lips should be treated by the professional Aesthetic doctor at the medical center. There is no need to take the risk and modificate profile absolutely with a hyper-volumised feature. This is
    what the doctor knows and would explain to a patient at the first visit to avoid errors that may occur later.
  2. Are you anxious before the procedures? Generally, doctor has a great responsibility for the positive results.
    – Certainly. I am getting a little bit nervous, every patient is an individual and each of them has to be treated in a special and adequate way. To be more honest, it is a slight excitement which increases my perfectionism. This is why my patients appreciate and
    evaluate myself.
  3. Did you have the patients who do not like the results?
    – The patient always wants to get the best result. The Aesthetic medicine gives us this opportunity. Complications, side effects can be faced in all centers, otherwise the medicine would not have chance to get improved and developed. But, the same time, the
    doctor should not avoid her patients and have to treat them us a professional and with patience to get the best result and achievement.
  4. Does the risk to be infected with diseases like VIH, Hepatitis, etc. exists?
    – Yes, in cases when the doctor does not follow all the aseptic protocols, the risk of infections and viruses is high. For this purposes, it is very important to apply to those centers that are serious aesthetic medical centers.
  5. What happens if after the rhinoplasty the patient does not get used to her new appearance?
    – If it is rhino-surgery, without surgical intervention, so it is very easy to recover. Hyaluronic acid disappears with an application of some other medications without any complications and a problem.
  6. ¿Do you use Botox?
    – What I recommend to my patients, I also use them.
  7. Do you have male patients?
    – The number of male clients in our clinic increases regularly. I consider their desires to become younger, more attractive. Our efforts are to create the results more natural and effective.