How to evaluate on an independent method the age of our face? The most important 5 points

It happens very frequently that we see ourselves in a video or in a photo and got surprised. “¡What is this?! ¿Is this myself? The fact is that we get used to see ourselves all day long at the same mirror, under the same lighting, from the same angle only …
Evaluation of our skin and the face is very difficult. Following are the recommendations, to be taken into consideration.

  1. Moles (small, dark points) and marks of the age. For example, the moles often are very beautiful in our faces and we do not want to be separated from them. But it is better to show them to a specialist regularly. Specially, when they change
    color and size. The pigmented marks appear on our faces due to the long stay under the sun.
  2. Appearance of the wrinkles on the face. Wrinkles of the mimic act as the dynamics that appear at forehead, between eyebrows, around eyes, “crow´s feet”. Aesthetic wrinkles, formed due to the gravitational ptosis: labial furrow lifting,
    nose-lips wrinkles. The changes can be appeared at the different phases of the life, depending the way of life, genes, ecology.
  3. Moles of the eyelid. This is another indicator of the age of our face. You have to look at moles carefully. In case if they exist, no need to worry. There are many methods to get rid of them and correct the face without surgical intervention.
  4. Appearance of the wrinkles in the neck. This is one of the first sign of the age. The wrinkles and line are appeared due to the hyperactivity and flaccidity of the skin.
  5. The corners of the mouth are called – “Sad mouth”. There are many advanced methods to correct them as well.
    The last but not the least! The most effective and practical approach is to consult with an Aesthetic doctor to understanding the state of our face and skin. The doctor, from the medical center, is able to evaluate the state of your skin under the special light and come to the conclusion about your face. After this s/he may give the recommendations, and if
    necessary, suggest innovative methods of recovering the beauty and the youthfulness of your face and skin.