Body Treatment

Aesthetic medicine has developed innovative technologies and techniques not only for the face, but also for the body perfectionism and attraction.
Treatments, certified by the innovative technologies and evidence based medicine are available at our clinic.

  • Removing varicose veins
  • Anti-cellulite procedures
  • Hair loss
  • Body reshaping
  • Body contouring

Before booking an appointment, it is recommended to get acquainted with the following tips:
Our body (especially neck and breast) is subject to continuously environmental contamination and negative impacts. This brings to non-perfectionism and unhealthiness of our skin not only in the face but also in the body. There are also other factors such as dryness, hormonal changes, pollution, which produce horrible spots and wrinkles. Meso-therapy and PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) treatments at Mona Lisa. Meso-therapy and PRP have positioned themselves as one of the best treatments for the care and
maintenance of our body. With Mona Lisa Clinic, your porcelain skin is certified. For the prevention of the skin-aging, we perform relaxing of the muscle plating by Botulinum Toxin. In case of deep wrinkles, we refill and refresh the skin with help of the fillers, being the most appropriate tools at Aesthetic Medicine. You need just to rely on professionalism of our doctors, who study and determine the best option for your individuality. We reduce fat, and cellulite of your body, re-shape it without surgery and adverse impacts it may contain. The fat accumulated in the areas of the internal and external extremities, and abdomen is getting harmonized and balanced to the norms of your age and body state. Thanks to the Non-surgical local liposuction, laser technology and Infiltration of the lipolysis methods the cellulite, being considered the problem of modern century, is also addressable. The varicose veins and the vascular system are treated with the combination of the micro foaming and laser of ND YAG. The procedure does not require a long time and extra complications.