PRP (Plasma rico en plaquetas) effects and benefits

The usage of the Platelet –rich plasma (PRP) has been extended during the last decades at
the different fields of the Aesthetic Medicine. The PRP has a concentration of platelet
rich plasma. It is considered to be the basement of the growth factors of the proteins and
cytokine (a small protein).
● At the different stages of skin age and senility, the improvement of the structure
and regeneration of it
● Acne
● Rosacea
● Cicatrices, an ulcers
● Alopecia
This method is:
● Recommendad
● Results are evident as of the first treatments
● It is the biological method and very natural
● No need for recuperation
● No side and adverse effects
● Not possible to establish criteria of protocols of the PRP usage
● most effective way.