Things to consider while choosing Aesthetic Specialist?

Modern Aesthetic Medicine offers the number of treatments and procedures directed to improve appearance of the patients. However, the quality of the services is far not equal, and risk from unqualified treatment is high and unreturnable.
We recommend the following tips to be taken into account, while you choose your doctor:
When it comes to your skin care you need to be certain that the clinic you have chosen is the best at its quality and patient attitude. Unfortunately, specialists that work from their ,,home,, are many and much more popular. However they cannot offer
professional standards, follow-up care and export attitude.

TIP 1- Availability of the clinic and modernly equipped medical practice
Look for a clinic with regulated professionals, medical director and highly certified equipment. Although aesthetics are not a regulated field, there are legally registered centers that are regulated by law, and follow generally accepted standards and norms. Being
treated in these clinics, by a professional, educated, qualified and continuously trained specialist is highly acceptable and evaluated. This is especially important if you are thinking of a more aggressive treatment that may have potential complications and risks.

TIP 2- Read reviews, not only the positive, but also the negative ones.

There are plenty of resource and platforms to get acquainted with the public opinion on the clinic, you are considering. Look for negative reviews as well, and how the clinic responds to the criticism. Both positive and negative feedback reflects the methods, ways, behavior and outcomes the clinic has as of the beginning of its establishment, and how the clinic evaluates and respects its patients.

TIP 3- Follow up treatments

Make sure the clinic offers follow up treatment and after procedures you are under the doctor´s care and control. This is an effective tool to revise minor defects and issues rightly after treatment is made. This also means you are in caring hands and the clinic
respects and evaluates all of its patients and takes responsibility for everything it has done.

TIP 4- Experience of the doctor
After you have chosen your clinic, you are allowed to ask as many questions as you may have. This is a good tool to find out about experience, education, quality of the doctor, who would treat you.

TIP 5 – Quality of the substances and medications
The outcome and effectiveness of the treatment highly depends on the quality of the medication. Unfortunately, not all doctors in Aesthetic medicine use certified and licensed medications.

TIP 6– Worth mentioning that it is very important to have a permanent doctor, who would treat you from the beginning of the procedures and has all necessary information about your skin type, previous procedures, and give recommendations definitely
elaborated for your personality, skin type, and necessities, as improvement of your youngness, first of all depends on your personality and individualism.