What are the Injections of Botulinum toxin (Botox) and “full face” therapy?

The technique of the “Full face” is as a professional observation of face expression in
total and suggestion of the solutions to the problems in the meantime.
“A” type Botulinum Toxin (Azzalure, Vistabel, Bocouture registered in Spain) is used to
relax clenching of muscles and disappearance of the wrinkles.
The therapy:
● Conserves the natural expressions of the face, does not give the face “make-up"
effect (which is possible only in case of professional specialist)
● The effects are available after 3-14 days of the intermuscular injection.
● Totally secured
● The technique “Full face" permits each patient to get her own result. It is
At the Mona Lisa you may realize this procedure at a corrected, professional and the
most effective way.